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Royal Spas makes all of its products in house. Its plant has a full service vacuum former and fiberglass shop that forms the spas, swim spas, and jetted bath shells. A wood shop allows Royal Spas to make the spa cabinets, saunas, gazebos, and steps. A mold shop is available for mold design and production. A complete assembly plant and a full service department ensure that Royal Spas makes everything spa related from the ground up.

Royal Spa hot tubs are brilliantly engineered and are designed to last a lifetime. They are not expensive to maintain or operate and are not expensive to repair if something should malfunction after the warranty expires. Customers can choose the material, number of jets, circulation system, and many other features for the hot tub they choose to buy. Minor modifications are allowed to accommodate needs different than the standard products offer.

Brief History of the Royal Spas Hot Tub Brand:

Royal Spas was founded in 1981 by 18 year old engineering students, Rick Bartlett and Bob Dapper, in Indiana. The pair started making hot tubs and eventually expanded into swim spas, saunas, gazebos, and whirlpool baths.

In 1996, the company decided it wanted to make the best products it could from an ease of operation perspective and engineering design perspective. Royal Spas is now a full service manufacturer and has more than 89,000 square feet of working space in a plant in Indianapolis.



Economy Series
  • Series 1000: Seats 4 to 6 people.

Industry Standard Series
  • The Maui II: Seats 6 to 8 people.
  • The Rio II: Seats 6 to 8 people.

Medical Series
  • The Regal: Seats 5 people.
  • The Sultan: Seats 7 people.

Hybrid Series
  • The Sultan: Seats 7 people.
  • The Regal: Seats 5 people.
  • The Empress: Seats 5 people.
  • The Majesty: Seats 6 people.
  • The King Ultra: Seats 6 to 7 people.
  • The Royalty: Seats 6 people.
  • The Emperor II: Seats 7 people.
  • The Princess: Seats 3 people.
  • The Knight: Seats 5 people.
  • The Crown: Seats 4 people.
  • The Jewel: Seats 5 people.
  • The Monarch: Seats 8 people.
  • The Royale: Seats 5 to 6 people.
  • The Squire: Seats 2 people.


“After searching for way too long to find a replacement cover, I was pleased to come across your website and found out how painless it was for me to order the specialty cover I needed”

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