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Salt water was the best purchase I ever made! Review by Quebec
For any of you wondering whether to take the leap, just do it. You will not regret it, in hindsight it is a no-brainer. You will make up the cost of the device in the first year on chemical savings, and will not believe the new life it gives your spa... The crystal clear quality of the water... On all fronts I heartily recommend.

After having purchased a home with spa included and running it for a full year, I just couldn't do it anymore! The brome took so much effort to keep balanced, and if you left the spa unattended for more that 3-4 days you ended up with chemical soup. The water used to get saturated and 'thick' every couple months. The worst part was having to take a shower after every session, and dry itchy skin at times... Not a nice experience over all. To the point where my wife couldn't even use it because our newborn wouldn't feed even hours after her using the spa due to the chemical residue.

I ended up closing up the spa for 2 years. I own a salt generator for my out of ground pool, and was so happy with the low maintenance, and soft water that I was sure something must exist for my spa! After canvassing all my local shops only to hear the typical replies 'it doesn't exist', 'it will ruin your spa inner workings' - I researched the web, and realized this technology is not new, it has been proven for almost 10 years! It dawned on me that the reason the shops don't carry these salt generators is they are protecting their chemical selling business!

Before Technichlor, chemicals ran me close to $200/ year. Now that I have the saltwater system, it is ridiculous how inexpensive and, low maintenance the system is. One bag of Pool salt = $7 and lasts about 4 years. White vinegar to lower PH, and Baking Soda to raise PH - both cost next to nothing.

The BEST part is the way the system works! It's basically set it and forget it. You set your chlorine level and it cycles on and off every few hours, keeping chlorine levels even. You can go away on a 2week vacation and come back to a perfectly balanced, little to no smell spa experience. I say low, because of course chlorine does have a faint odour but on a level of 1-10 compared to Brome being a 10, I'd say salt generated chlorine is a 3. Very agreeable. I forgot to mention, I actually have pretty sensitive skin, and since switching have had no issues with dry skin. Not only that, you don't feel the need to take a shower every time anymore!

I have now used the TechniChlor Chlorine Generator 110 for 2 full years, and remain extremely satisfied. I recommend it to all my friends and family, and 2 of them have also made the switch to raving reviews. So far I can't find any drawbacks.

If I had to do it again, I'd probably buy the in-line version for a more seamless installation - but - even this drop-in, hanging version is not a pain. It is a great feeling knowing that there are zero chemicals in my spa - only natural ingredients. Water, salt, vinegar, baking soda.

Update: one of my friend's wife who installed the system suffered from severe ecxema on her hands/palms. Cycles of dry, cracking mess - not fun. She hadn't ever been in their spa. Since the conversion she now goes 2-3 times a week for 10 minutes and swears it hydrates her skin! She put creams directly after bathing, and has seen noticeable improvements in her condition.

Last word I'll say is a shoutout to hottubcoverscanada. At the same time I purchased my salt generator I also purchased a new spa cover. I took all the bells and whistles, 5" with max upgrade vapour barriers. Living in Quebec I wanted to make sure to stand up to the harsh weather. 2 years in, the cover looks brand new, and we run our spa through the winter. Happy with the service.

So what are you waiting for lol. You won't regret it! Salt water spa is night and day :)
(Posted on 13-11-16)
TechniChlor Chlorine Generator 110 Review by Jerermy
Purchased the TechniChlor Chlorine Generator 110 in July 1012 , it's the best care free system I every had. months go by with no maintence at all. highly recommended. 5 stars (Posted on 13-06-27)
Great system Review by Sean
I've been using the TechniChlor for the past 4 weeks and wish I purchased it a year ago.
I wired the TechniChlor directly to the pump/heater. I filled the spa with the salt water from my pool, turned the spa on, taped the TechniChlor 4 times, waited for it to blink 5 times and then placed it in the water. THAT’S IT and I haven't touched it in 4 weeks. The water doesn't smell, our skins feels great getting out of the spa.
Five stars ***** (Posted on 12-09-29)
I LOVE my Technichlor salt water system Review by Jamison
Technichlor salt water system

I LOVE my Technichlor salt water system. We purchased it over a year ago and have no complaints. We use vinegar and baking soda to adjust the PH if need be. We use Dead Sea Salts with the system to really take advantage of having a salt water spa and the minerals it provides. Our skin is so soft when we get out... And we don't stink like we did when we used bromine. We also don't have the foam problem we did when we used all the chemicals. And best of all... We can leave it for long periods of time when we are on vacation. It takes care of itself. We have not used the spa for weeks at a time and when we went to go use it the spa was balanced perfectly. We will never go back to the using chemicals with our spa. The Technichlor is a Must Have for all spa owners.
(Posted on 12-09-12)
Salt Water sysem and Customer experence Review by Martin Schaap
What great advice! I was impressed with the detailed attention I was given for the over, lift and salt generator. Could not be more happy with great products, and top notch personalized service ! (Posted on 12-05-20)
Working well Review by Chris Clarke
We have switched over to salt for the hot tub for the same issues as most skin problems for my wife. The normal methods of maintaining the tub was just to harsh this so far seems to be amazing! I did notice that my filter did clog up a little but rinsed out and is in great condition again, more than likely my fault due to overproduction. Time will however tell only being new at this we will see if there is any long term effects to the tub equipment. As for now completely happy and somewhat amazed how easy it is to maintain and how great it smells and feels on the skin!! (Posted on 12-04-09)
It's great Review by Sam Hadad
A friend mentioned to us that he converted his hot tub to a salt water or salt water generator (works through electrolysis to break up the NaCL, and chlorinate the hot tub). My skin is sensitive to regular chlorinated hot tubs causing me to itch, but swimming in a Salt water pool never bothered me and felt really good on my skin. So, I did some research and found this product by TechniChlor by Controlomatic. It was too good to be true. My husband had to do a little bit of wiring, but easily installed it himself. We watched the youtube video of how to control the settings, and boom...within 24-48 hours, this little unit was producing chlorine on its' own. The benefit for me...I can go in the hot tub and my skin feels great, it does not smell too much of chlorine, and you do not smell when coming out of the tub. Also, your fingers/toes do not wrinkle as much because the salinity is closer to body salinity so with less fluid exchange, it takes longer for your fingers to wrinkle up!

On another note, we will save soooo much money not needing to buy various chemicals for the hot tub and a 40 lb bag of salt is only $5.00! Since you only need a few cups of salt per tub, and with less frequency need to change water, that $5.00 will go a long way. We also spoke to the customer service folks at TechniChlor and they were extremely helpful and kind! We highly recommend this product~~5 stars all the wa (Posted on 11-09-29)

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