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Hot Tub Covers Canada is a Jacuzzi replacement hot tub cover specialist, and we have all Jacuzzi spa models on file in our measurement database below. We will custom-build your replacement hot tub cover so it will last longer, perform better and fit your Jacuzzi hot tub perfectly!

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Brief History of the Jacuzzi Hot Tub Brand:

A brand born from a family of machinists that developed the hydraulic pump, Jacuzzi is the pioneer brand in the name of what today's hot tubs entail. Today, Jacuzzi strives to maintain their original footprint by incorporating that same innovative spirit into all future Jacuzzi products and features.

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Jacuzzi Hot Tub Features:
  • Advanced Hydrotherapy (Jacuzzi currently holds over 250 worldwide patents for pump and product technology)
  • Energy Efficiency
  • High Performance
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • CLEARRAY Water Purification System standard on new models
  • Options for Spa Stereo Systems with Smartphone Connections


J-LX Luxury Collection – Energy efficiency and patented jet hydrotherapy

  • 36 Jet 6 Seater
  • 28 Jet 5 Seater

J-400 Designer Collection – Basic, clean, efficient Jacuzzi Hot Tubs

  • J-495 62 Jet 7-9 Seater
  • J-480 48 Jet 6 Seater
  • J-470 39 Jet 6-7 Seater
  • J-465 39 Jet 4-5 Seater
  • J-425 27 Jet 4-5 Seater
  • J-415 21 Jet 2-3 Seater
J-300 Signature Collection – Portable Spa Series consisting of the best of Jacuzzi Hot Tubs

  • J-375 46 Jet 6 Seater
  • J-365 32 Jet 6-7 Seater
  • J-355 40 Jet 5-6 Seater
  • J-345 27 Jet 5-6 Seater
  • J-335 36 Jet 4-5 Seater
  • J-325 15 Jet 4-5 Seater
  • J-315 13 Jet 2-3 Seater

J-200 Classic Collection – Great Value

  • J-280 44 Jet 6-7 Seater
  • J-275 45 Jet 6 Seater
  • J-245 35 Jet 7 Seater
  • J-235 35 Jet 6 Seater
  • J-210 19 Jet 4 Seater

"“Put the hot tub cover on and didn't need to heat the tub till Sept.
Strong, durable and light wait.
A great purchase and very happy with the way it was taken care of and delivered. Thanks again.””

James Mitchell from Montreal Quebec
Jacuzzi Hot Tub Cover

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