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Hot Tub Covers Canada is a Cal Spas replacement hot tub cover specialist, and we have all Cal Spas models on file in our measurement database below. We will custom-build your replacement Cal Spas hot tub cover so it will last longer, perform better and fit your Cal Spas hot tub perfectly!

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Cal Spas hot tubs are crafted with high attention to quality and are tested by the highest industry standards available and are certified by many independent product safety organizations.

Cal Spas has 28 trademarks and 48 design patents currently and are working on obtaining more. Every product that they craft incorporates the latest advancements in technology and innovations. Cal Spas load their products with many standard features without raising the price so customers get more value for their money. Cal Spas wins awards every year for innovation, quality, and service and is known today as the Number One Global Manufacturer of Home Resort Products.

Brief History of the Cal Spas Hot Tub Brand:

Cal Spas got its start in 1978 at a county fair in Pomona, California. California Acrylic Industries needed a way to feature a wide variety of designs for pools, but only had a small space to work with. The company crafted versions of its pools in a smaller scale and put them on display. Customers were interested in these smaller versions and started requesting acrylic hot tubs. A year later, California Acrylic Industries stopped their pool production to focus on manufacturing hot tubs and changed their name to Cal Spas.



Aqua Series: Lounge and Bench Spas that accommodate 2-8 people. Models are available with 11, 21, 30, and 50 jets.

  • A511R, A621T, A730L, A730B, A830L, A830B, A750L, A750B, A850L, and A850B

Zone Series: Lounge and Bench Spas that accommodate 2-4 people. Models are available with 22, 28, and 30 jets.

  • Z522L, Z628T, Z630L, and Z630B

Xtream Series:6 person Lounge and Bench Spas available with 50 or 70 jets.

  • X750L, X750B, X770L, and X770B.

Connect Series: 7 and 8 Feet Lounge and Bench Spas that accommodate 6 people. Models available with 36 jets.

  • C736L, C736B, C836L, C836B

Resort Series: 8 feet spas that accommodate 6 people. Available with 62 or 90 jets.

  • R862, R890L, and R890B

Escape Series: 7 and 8 feet spas that accommodate 6 to 8 people. Available with 34, 38, 47, and 61 jets.

Diamond Series: Spas that seat 6 or 7 people. Available in lounger and bench with 60, 70, or 80 jets.

  • D760L, D760B, D860L, D860B, D780L, D780B, D880L, D880B, D970A, and D970N


"We got our cover on time and it exceeded our expectations. Thank you for an excellent product at a great price."

Farah from Calgary, Alberta
CalSpa Avalon Hot Tub Covers

Why Buy from HTCC?
  • Free Covered Hinge Seal upgrade and Free Reflective Shield Underside
  • A 6 mil upgrade of Chemical Resistant Vapour Barrier is included in all of our Cal Spas hot tub cover replacements.
  • Exclusive 7 year hot tub warranty

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