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Hot Tub Covers Canada is an Apollo Spas replacement hot tub cover specialist, and we have all Apollo Spas models on file in our measurement database. We will custom-build your replacement hot tub cover so it will last longer, perform better and fit your Apollo Spas hot tub perfectly!

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Brief History of the Apollo Spas Hot Tub Brand:

Apollo Spas has become one of the best-known hot tub dealers in the United States. The original company began in 1968 and was renowned as a fiberglass boat builder.  In 1981, they applied the knowledge and expertise gained from working and moulding fibreglass, and applied it to the creation of hot tubs.  Based on the instant success, the company phased out of boat-building, and concentrated their efforts into the design and creation of high quality hot tubs, spas and jetted bathtubs. 

At present, Apollo Spas is proud to be the largest manufacturer of hot tubs, swim spas and luxury bathtubs in Washington state.


Apollo Hot Tubs
The Gemini, The Mercury, The Triton, The Explorer, The Chelan, The Silverdale, The Commander, The Discover, The Rainier, The Saturn

"“Put the hot tub cover on and didn't need to heat the tub till Sept.
Strong, durable and light wait.
A great purchase and very happy with the way it was taken care of and delivered. Thanks again.””

James Mitchell from Montreal Quebec
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